Adobe Connect ‘at risk’ period 8–9am Thursday mornings

Adobe Connect is a web conferencing system facilitating online meetings and collaboration.  From time to time iSolutions will be required to perform maintenance on the Adobe Connect system.  In order to minimise disruption to service, iSolutions has identified an ‘at risk’ period.  This should be considered a reserved time when the Adobe Connect service may be unavailable for routine maintenance.  The ‘at risk’ period will be 8am – 9am Thursday mornings.  Please be aware that whilst iSolutions will attempt to ensure that downtime during this period is kept to a minimum, it may be necessary to make the Connect service unavailable whilst routien maintenance is carried out.

We would still wish to give forward notice of system downtime in advance. However it is our intention to carry out all necessary work during this ‘at risk’ period where possible.