General CAA policy and procedural FAQ

High-stakes CAA testing

How do I go about running a high-stakes summative CAA test?

– The sequence can be summarised briefly as follows:

(1) Obtain the approval of the course board 

2) Read the University’s policies and procedures so far as they relate to CAA tests (the iSolutions web page CAA policies and procedures contains links to these)

(3) Find a CAA system that will do what is required (iSolutions supports Blackboard for formative testing and QM Perception for all assessment applications)

(4) Book sufficient workstations and inform iSolutions of your intention

(5) Author/publish/schedule the assessment

(6) Deliver the assessment

(7) Obtain the results

(8) Notify iSolutions of the outcome

Further information can be found in the iSolutions web page CAA policies and procedures.

Where can I find the current version of the University’s CAA Policies and Procedures document?

– iSolutions maintains this document.  The current version can be downloaded  from CAA Policies and Procedures.  Although this document contains most of the pertinent information, some procedural aspects of conducting examination are covered in the University Calendar and the QA handbook which are separate documents maintained by Students Services.  Links to spefic sections of the documents which refer to CAA examinations can be found in the iSolutions web page CAA policies and procedures.  If you are considering CAA tests during University Examination Periods, these would come under the provisions of documents maintained by the Examinations Office specifically for the guidance of Supervisors and Invigilators.

Who can I talk to about high-stakes testing?

– The Learning and Teaching Enhancement Unit (LATEU) has an institution-wide brief to enhance the quality of learning and teaching which includes assessment activities.  The Serviceline (based in iSolutions) can raise requests for advice on generic CAA procedural issues and specific queries to do with the QM Perception CAA systems with specialist support staff in the MLE team.


I wish to issue a survey with University branding.  Where can I obtain advice about this?

Based in Corporate and Marketing Services, the Market Research and Management Information (MRMI) team have specialist skills and are able to undertake a variety of styles of research, including internet and paper-based surveys, focus groups, desk research, and face-to-face interviews. MRMI can provide a full service from conducting the research to analysing and reporting data, alternatively they can provide support in developing the right questions for your survey to ensure the research you conduct is focused on providing insight to your objectives and answering your business decisions.

The MRMI team is happy to be involved in projects of all shapes and sizes, and offers its services free of charge for projects connected to the University. If you want to monitor feedback after an event, understand the views of your stakeholders, research the potential success of a course, or just gain a better understanding of what MRMI are able to provide, please get in touch with Paula Codd (24681).