CAA – What to expect on the day

Please note that this page describes a typical exam and may not exactly describe your exam session.

Before arrival

You will be asked to wait outside of the exam room until called in by an invigilator. You should have your student ID card and any stationary to hand.

Entering the examination space

Enter the examination space and put your bags and coats in a space designated by your invigilator. Find a computer that does not have a ‘not suitable for exams’ poster on it.

Bring your Student ID and any stationary with you to your table. You may bring water if covered by a lid.

Finding and taking your exam

If your desk has instructions on finding the exam follow them. If instructions are not provided log into the computer as yourself and navigate to Blackboard and look for an examination link.

More information on taking the exam can be found in the top right hand menu of this page. Click on CAA – How to take a QuestionMark Perception test

Ending the exam

At the end of the exam raise your hand to get the attention of an invigilator. Press submit and ensure you see a message saying your exam has been successfully submitted. You may be allowed to leave the examination hall or you may have to wait until the end of the session.