CAA – How to take a QuestionMark Perception test

This page will describe how to take a Questionmark perception test.

If you would like to follow this description step by step, please see the Perception example exam link on the right hand side

Finding the right exam

The webpage you visit is decided by your course tutor, so this first step is an example of where to find the right exam.

  1. When you enter the examination room you will find a rubric sheet with exact instructions of where to find your exam
  2. Normally this involves going to, logging in and going to the course related to the exam
  3. A shortcut will be placed in the menu or announcements of your course (remember, that this link may not appear until your scheduled exam start time)
  4. Clicking on this link will take you to the Perception login page

Blackboard link to Perception Perception login screen 

Starting the exam

  1. In the ‘Participant Login’ box type your University username and password
  2. A box should appear asking you to open or save launch.qmsb
  3. Click on ‘Open’ and then ‘OK’ to any pop up boxes asking whether to launch the secure browser
  4. If nothing happens after 30 seconds refresh the page or press ‘Click here if redirected’

Open or save internet explorer window 

Ending the exam

You may or may not have to answer every question before submitting your exam. The rubric at the start of the exam will explain whether this applies to you.

  1. At the end of the exam click on the ‘Submit’ button
  2. You might be asked to confirm you wish to submit and end your exam or, if you have answered all questions, the exam will submit
  3. Press ‘OK’ and wait for a message to say your exam has been submitted
  4. If you have ended your exam before the time limit you will need to show the invigilator your exam submission screen
  5. Close the secure browser
  6. If a message appears asking you to update the Questionmark Secure Browser select ‘Cancel’
  7. Log out of Windows

If you run out of time during your exam the software will tell you that your answers will be automatically submitted, and then will submit your work for you.