Perception example exam

This page has links to a fake exam written in the same software you will be using to take your online exam.

Unsecured exam

The following link is to an exam with a time limit of 10 minutes. It has 7 questions with different item types to give you an example of how questions will look.

This unsecured exam will appear in your web browser. The exam will look the same as the secured exam, but the interface will be different. It will work on any computer.

Questionmark Perception unsecure exam 

Secured exam

The following link is to the same exam as the unsecured exam above, but will load in the Questionmark Secure Browser in the same way as your real exam. This browser is only pre-installed on University of Southampton public workstations, so this link will not work at home or on an office pc.

Questionmark Perception secure exam