What’s new in Questionmark Perception Version 5


Perception assessments now require scheduling before they can be taken by students. This extra step allows for greatly increased security, accountability and logging. For example staff can now…

  • Have a single link for all exams, knowing that students cannot possibly see the exam before their exam session
  • Limit students to only taking the assessment once, stopping any possible cheating by students leaving early and re-taking the exam
  • Limit access to a particular timeslot during examinations

For staff

Questionmark Authoring Manager 5 is now available on University Windows 7 computers through AppV. This allows us to push the program and patches to your computer, without any installation or upgrades needing to be done by staff.

Surveys and tests can now be used on iPhones and other mobile devices. The surveys automatically format the page correctly based on the device used. 

For students

Assessments are now more accessible, allowing screen readers to correctly read an exam and doesn’t require a mouse to answer any questions.

When loading assessments the computer will automatically retry when the server is busy rather than showing an error message.

With each question answered, results are saved to a database allowing students to recover their assessment even after a total computer failure.