Using QuestionMark Authoring Manager for Surveys

This page give an overview on how to connect to the Questionmark Perception survey system, create a question, create a survey, publish and get results.

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Installing Perception v5 Authoring Manager

Install v5 Authoring Manager (AM) using the procedures outlined in the document ‘Getting started with Authoring Manager’ (available on the Perception web pages).

Connect to the shared repository (tcp:// Choose the survey repository. Create assessments in topic folders on the shared (‘central’) repository. If you work offline, create a local repository and drag the entire assessment folder structure to the local repository.

Create Questions

Create suitable topic folders under your root topic folder on the shared repository. We recommends that the number of folder levels should be kept to a minimum to reduce the risk of multiple versions of questions. If you wish to work offline, drag the entire folder structure to your local repository.

Author your questions. Questions can be created from scratch using the wizard or imported. Perception v5 provides facilities for importing questions from Perception v4.

Create surveys

Select an appropriate assessment folder in the shared repository and author your survey. The easiest way to create a new assessment is to use the assessment wizard.

The wizard will prompt you for a name and type for the survey, then ask for settings such as feedback, accessibility, open access, time limits, etc.

Do not select the option of locking the participants WorkStation (Requires QM Secure) unless you have a good reason to do otherwise.

Unless you plan to schedule the assessment for a particular timeslot, ensure that open access to the survey is allowed.

You will then be prompted to select some questions. Choose the questions you need from the topic folders in the central shared repository. You can select an entire topic or choose each question individually.

You will then be presented with another dialogue to provide assessment feedback and a web link to open at the end of the assessment.

Publishing surveys

When you have created the assessment you need to make it available to participants. For the Survey system, this consists of appending the assessment’s session ID to the server’s address (public) (authenticated)

You can determine an assessment’s unique ‘Identifier’ by right-clicking on the assessment from Authoring Manager to obtain its properties, then right-click on the ‘Identifier’ row and click the ‘Copy’ menu item.

Paste it into Notepad, and append the 16-digit ID to the server’s address. Use this link to try your assessment.

This whole process is automated by using the following website 

Obtaining survey results and reports

Reports can be accessed via Enterprise Manager. Login using your Perception authors account. The username will always be your University username but your password will be provided during training or via e-mail. You can change your password in Enterprise Manager, but will not synchronise with your university password.