Publishing assignments in QuestionMark Perception

This website explains how to schedule assessments on our Survey system. Our Assessment system is gatekept by iSolutions and users should not attempt to schedule these high stakes exams themselves.


The Blackboard building block only works for users who have an account on the Perception survey system, which is independent of the Perception assessment system.

To find out if you have an account click on Go to Perception Survey on the right hand side and log in.

If you don’t have an account, and continue to follow these instructions, you will see a warning that says “Connector Disabled: This tool is not available to you (no corresponding user in Perception)”.

Scheduling on the iSolutions Survey systems

Using Blackboard

The easiest way to schedule an assessment is via Blackboard. Scheduling an assessment in this way is fully documented on the Blackboard website. See ‘Scheduling a QuestionMark Perception exam in Blackboard’ on the right hand side.

It is essential that when scheduling assessments using Blackboard that ‘Allow run from integration’ is ticked.

  1. Open Authoring Manager
  2. Sign in and select the survey repository
  3. Select ‘Assessments view’ from the left hand menu
  4. Right click on the assessment and choose ‘Edit Assessment’
  5. Click on ‘Edit Assessment Settings’ on the pop-up window
  6. Click on ‘Security Settings’
  7. Tick ‘Allow run from integration’

For more detailed instructions please click on Scheduling a QuestionMark Perception exam in Blackboard to the right.

Manually scheduling

iSolutions have decided not to give details on how to schedule manually. The Blackboard building block now integrates so well that manual scheduling is not advised.