QuestionMark Perception’s Save As You Go

Save as you go is a feature designed to rescue a student’s exam if an incident causes the computer or QuestionMark Secure Browser to crashes.

Turning on the feature

Save as you go is automatically saves answers after each question when using the soton-qxqon template. This template shows each question on a separate page rather than a long list.

Save as you go drop down menu

Even if you are using soton-qxqon as your template, you will need to turn Save as you go to ‘Automatic’ from the assignment settings page if you want your assessments to be recoverable.

  1. Click on ‘Assessment view’
  2. Right click on your assessment and select ‘Edit Assessment…’
  3. Click on ‘Edit Assessment Settings’
  4. Set ‘Save as you go’ to ‘Automatic’ and set a time in minutes

Recovering from a failed exam

When an exam is first started the student navigates to a link such as the one below

ISSQ Demo start button

If an exam is unexpectedly closed before submission an extra button appears

ISSQ Demo start and resume button

Note: It may take up to two minutes for the resume button to appear after an unexpected closure.

As a security measure the time limit will continue to count down while the exam is closed (to stop students exiting the exam purposefully to think about the answers).