QuestionMark Perception 5 FAQs


What server should I connect to?

tcp:// and select either survey or assessment system from the drop down menu after pressing connect

Authoring manager is asking me to update

If using a University Windows 7 desktop you should wait for iSolutions to automatically update your PC. If you are using your own computer feel free to install the update.

A colleague asked me to edit a question / assessment, but I can’t see the folder

There are hundreds of folders in Questionmark Authoring Manager each with separate permissions. If you would need to see another folder please ask the folder owner to contact ServiceLine.

If you need to collaborate on a regular basis with colleagues, we can create shared folders for you – let us know what you need by emailing Serviceline.

How do I ensure that exams are / are not taken in the Questionmark Secure browser?

  1. Assessments view
  2. Find your assessment
  3. Right click and select ‘Edit Assessment’
  4. Click on ‘Edit Assessment Settings’
  5. Click on ‘Security’
  6. Tick or un-tick ‘Require Questionmark Secure’

What is the difference between a Survey, Quiz, Test and Exam?

The main difference is the default options that are ticked in the assessment settings. For example, when creating an Exam, you cannot unselect ‘Record answers in the database’ and cannot select ‘Allow open access’. For a quiz you cannot force users to use the secure browser.


Where are the websites for Perception?

Our survey system is available from the address

Our assessment system is available from the address 

How can I ensure my students know what to expect on the day?

Please point your students to the ‘What to expect on the day’ page on the iSolutions CAA pages.

We  recommend that credit-bearing tests are preceded by formative quizzes which can act as rehearsals for an examination. If you would like advice on this, please let ServiceLine know.

What browsers are supported

Fully supported are

  • Internet Explorer 7/8
  • Firefox 2/3
  • Safari 2/3/4

The following browsers are not fully supported by our vendor, but have been tested to ensure they work

  • Firefox 4/5
  • Safari 5

The following browsers are supported, but do not look the same as fully supported browser and some drag and drop question types are not available

  • Internet Explorer 5

The following mobile browsers are supported by the vendor, but have not currently been tested by iSolutions

  • iOS Safari
  • Blackberry Browser
  • IE Mobile 6
  • Opera Mobile 6

Secure exams are taken using the Questionmark Secure Browser, which is based on Internet Explorer. Any browser that can download a file (.qmsb secure browser file) is supported, but generally is Internet Explorer 8.