Copying and pasting content in QuestionMark Authoring Manager

Authoring Manager has copy and paste functionality that is very similar to your Windows computer. This article will describe some of the things that are possible.

Moving content from a private topic folder to a shared topic folder

If collaborating with colleagues you may have a topic folder that is shared between multiple users. If you have been creating questions in your own folder then you may have to move them to the shared folder.

  1. Highlight the questions you wish to move by

    • Clicking on a question OR
    • Clicking on the first question in the list, holding Shift and then clicking on the last question in the list OR
    • Holding Ctrl and clicking on the questions you wish to move
  2. Right click on one of your selected questions and select cut
  3. Navigate to the shared topic folder
  4. Right click in some white space in the question list section and select paste

Note: We use cut instead of copy because we wish to move files, not duplicate them

Creating very similar questions

If you wish to create a large number of similar questions you can use the copy and paste feature to duplicate a pre-existing question.

  1. Right click on the question you wish to duplicate
  2. Select copy
  3. Right click in some empty white space in the question list section and select paste
  4. Right click on your newly created Copy of question and select rename
  5. Rename your question
  6. Double click on your new question to edit and any required changes

Moving content from a local repository to the shared repository

Although most authors will use the shared repositories supported by iSolutions, we occasionally come across situations where questions have been created in a local repository. In order to publish such questions online, they must be copied into a shared repository. The following instructions describe how to do this.

  1. In Authoring Manager (AM), log in to the relevant shared repository (assessment or survey)
  2. Create an empty topic folder in the shared repository for your questions
  3. Open your local repository
  4. Select Tile Vertically from the Window menu
  5. Drag your new topic folder from the shared repository to the ‘Topics’ root folder in your local repository
  6. Copy your questions into the local copy of your new topic folder

  7. Now copy your new, filled up topic folder back to the shared repository