QM Perception v5 – Survey Matrix item type

A Survey Matrix question type lets you ask a series of agree/disagree or other Likert Scale style questions in a table. Authors can choose from a wide selection of pre-fabricated Likert scales or create their own (see web page on ‘Likert scales’ referenced below).

Live example of a Survey Matrix item

start the Survey matrix wizard and enter the main body (‘stimulus’) of your question:













Once you have entered the main body of the question, click ‘Next’ and select a Likert Scale ‘width’ (5 in the example below) then a named Likert Scale from the list provided. You can add or remove Options at this point, if you wish (buttons marked ‘Add Option’ or ‘Remove Option’). If you wish to provide respondents with the option to mark a row of Options as ‘Not Applicable’, use the relevant check box.













Click ‘Next’ when finished and then choose whether to remove or resequence any of the question rows, Finally, click ‘Next’ again in order to edit the question’s description, if desired. Click ‘Finish’ on the final dialog box to save the edited question.