qmp v5 – Likert Scale item type

A Likert Scale question is a variant of a multiple choice question, where the participant selects one choice from choices such as “strongly agree” through “strongly disagree”. Choices are weighted by number to aid analysis of the results.













A Likert scale is a question type that invites respondents to answer questions based on the strength of an opinion. QM Perception a basic set of pre-defined Likert scales which cover common requirements such as Agree/Disagree, Satisfied/Disatisfied and so-on, with a range of scale widths from three up to nine options. In addition, there is a Likert scale creation tool which allows authors to create and edit custom Likert scales.


Likert scales, whether pre-defined or custome, can be used in two question types: Likert items and Survey Matrix items. If you think you will need a particular kind of Likert scale that does not already exist, you will need to create it before creating the Likert scale item or Survey Matrix question itself.

When creating Likert scales, they have to be given a name which is unique. Because any athor can edit a Likert scale, authors are strongly advised to prefix the name of any Likert scales they create with their own Usernames e.g. wiw-cycle-path.

qmp-item-types-create-likert-scale-3 Once a New Likert scale has been created, choices can be added and weightings assigned to them.