CAA systems

The University supports QuestionMark Perception as a central CAA service.  Perception could be regarded as a ‘Swiss Army knife’ in the sense that it is extremely adaptable and could conceivably be used for almost any assessment application.  It is supported by iSolutions for all types of assessment from small-scale low-stakes applications such as external surveys through to large-scale high-stakes assessments such as University Examinations.

Blackboard’s quiz engine is easy to use and is supported by iSolutions for low-stakes and formative use only.

In addition,  there are other software systems that can be used for CAA in one way or another.  They are in most cases more specialised or less scalable than Perception and are not supported centrally by the University.  These include:

  • WebQuiz which is supported by the GeoData Institute
  • iSurvey which is a ‘light touch’ online survey system that is currently being transitioned to iSolutions

  • Students with additional examination requirements (AER) can be supported using centrally managed workstations – see AER link on this page

Other systems will be added to this list as we become aware of them.

Note: If you wish to pilot an eLearning system, iSolutions may be able to provide a hosted loan server for it provided this has been agreed by the University eLearning Implementation Group (ELIG).  An application for this can submitted using the form available on the eLearning Hosted Loan Server page (follow link on the right of this page).