Additional examination requirements (AER)

iSolutions supports a facility which enables students with additional examination requirements (AER) to use centrally managed workstations for typing and printing their scripts securely.  Under this arrangement, an Invigilator logs into a managed workstation using a special account on behalf of the candidate. The candidate uses a restricted instance of MS Word to type and print their script. Their work is autosaved locally every five minutes.  When they have finshed, they use a built-in file upload tool to send a backup copy of their work to a secure central folder.

The Learning and Teaching Enhancement Unit (LATEU) has produced a video presentation showing how to use an AER-enabled workstation.  This is available from the ‘Web links’ section on the right of this page: click the link, and when presented with the video, press the ‘Play’ button.

If there is a lower quality version of the video there will be a ‘HD’ button that can be unselected. This will lower the required network speed from 1.2Mb/s to 400Kb/s. This will also help if you have a bandwidth limit with your Internet Service Provider.

To play the video in full screen either press the full screen button next to the volume control or right click on the video.

Instructions for candidates and Supervisors are available as two PDF files from the ‘useful downloads’ links on this page:

How to use an AER workstation (SiteKiosk) – Candidates

How to use an AER workstation (SiteKiosk) – Invigilators