Computer Aided Assessment

These pages contain up-to-date information on computer-assisted assessment (CAA) and links to important information on CAA topics. CAA is often understood to mean taking exams by electronic means. The process is typically that an exam is distributed on-line, candidates’ answers are stored and marked electronically then the results become available for retrieval by the tutor.

The University CAA Officer has an institutional role in coordinating the uptake of CAA. If you are planning to do any CAA testing using the central systems (QM Perception and Blackboard), please contact the CAA Officer first via an email to Serviceline.

Adam Warren of the Technology Enhanced Learning and Enablement (TELE) group has written an introductory article which includes generic information on CAA ‘Best Practice’. This includes topics such as the construction of good objective tests and can be accessed in the TELE web pages.

CAA Policies and Procedures

The University’s policies and procedures for using CAA can be accessed from the iSolutions web page ‘CAA policies and procedures’ which includes links to other relevant University documents.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) pages

iSolutions has prepared a number of FAQ pages which address different aspects of producing CAA assessments. The general policy and procedural FAQ addresses common concerns regarding the University’s examination procedures, the Authoring Manager FAQ focusses on the mechanics of the QM Perception authoring process, the Delivery FAQ addresses the process of delivering surveys and assessments using QM Perception whilst the Reporting FAQ is concerned with obtaining results in different levels of detail and in a variety of formats from QM Perception.

Perception V5

The University supports two central QM Perception systems.

  • The ‘Assessment’ system only be accessed by members of the University and external computing account holders. It is designed for credit-bearing assessments and
  • The ‘Survey’ system can be integrated with Blackboard and is meant for low-stakes applications such as formative quizzes and surveys. Participants can access the system without a University account, so it may be used for public-facing applications.

Quizzes in Blackboard

It is possible to do a limited form of CAA testing in Blackboard, which is the University’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). If you are planning to use CAA for summative testing or tests containing more than about 25 items, iSolutions recommends the use of Perception rather than Blackboard due to its superior flexibility, robustness and scalability.

If you are planning to run a test in Blackboard, please read the notes on Blackboard quizzes.

Managed Learning Environment

The University has a Managed Learning Environment (MLE) which integrates core IT systems including the Banner student record system, the Blackboard learning system and the QuestionMark Perception CAA system.

CAA Conference website

The CAA Conference website has, under the headings ‘Proceedings available online’, many downloadable papers on CAA including several examples of good practice in CAA.