How to Subscribe to an RSS Podcast Feed in Blackboard

Since Summer 2006 the University has licenced third party plug-ins for Blackboard that provide blog,
wiki, and podcast functionality. These have worked well and take up has been reasonable. It was necessary to
licence third party plug-ins for this functionality because it was not provided as part of the core Blackboard


With the recent upgrade to Blackboard the vendor has introduced their own blog and wiki features which
are more embedded into the core application. There are differences between the two but the core functionality
remains reasonably consistent.


The University has determined that it is no longer necessary to licence the third party blog, wiki and
podcast tools and the decision has been made to not renew the licence for these tools in May 2013. This will
provide a substantial cost saving to the University which can be re-invested in further developments to the Managed
Learning Environment.


The new blog and wiki tools are currently being documented and from 31 August 2012 the new blog and wiki
tools will be enabled.


At the same time the existing “Campus Pack” blog, wiki, and podcast tools will be set to be unavailable
to new users.


If you are planning to use blogs, wikis and podcasts, in the new academic year (2012/13) please use the
new Blackboard blogs and wikis, instructions for which will be made available on the iSolutions web site from 31


Podcasts can be uploaded as audio files, or if RSS is required the Panopto Lecture Capture system can
provide this functionality.


Depending on how your course has been set up it may be possible to subscribe to podcasts related to the course using a Podcast aggregator such as I-Tunes. This uses the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) system.

Podcast Menu Item

Podcast Menu Item

1. Access your Blackboard course’s Podcast page from the course menu.

Or via Course Tools

Or via Course Tools

2. If your course does not have a podcast page, you can access it by clicking on Course Tools and then choosing Campus Pack Podcasts.

Subscription Choices

Subscription Choices

3. You will be presented with the podcast page for the course. Depending on the software you are using and how it is set up you may click on either:

A: +RSS to subscribe to the podcast series using your RSS news reader
B: +iTunes to subscribe to the podcast series using software such as I-Tunes or other podcast aggregators.

Clicking on either link should set up the subscription process using whatever software you have chosen to install previously. For further information refer to your software’s online help.