Scheduling a QuestionMark Perception exam in Blackboard

New in version 5 is the ability to schedule secure exams to your students automatically using Blackboard.

The term exam will be used here to mean Survey, Quiz, Test or Exam.


The Blackboard building block only works for users who have an account on the Perception survey system, which is independent of the Perception assessment system.

To find out if you have an account click on Go to Perception Survey on the right hand side and log in.

If you don’t have an account, and continue to follow these instructions, you will see a warning that says “Connector Disabled: This tool is not available to you (no corresponding user in Perception)”.

Enabling QuestionMark inside Blackboard

The Questionmark tool is hidden by default. To turn it on in your course…

  1. Log into your course as an instructor
  2. In the Couse Management section of the course homepage click on Customisation and then Tool Availability
  3. Scroll to ‘Q’ and find the lines ‘Questionmark Perception’ and ‘Questionmark Perception Schedule’
  4. Tick the box on each line
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Submit’

Watch a demonstration of these steps 

Scheduling an exam

Scheduling an exam is the process of making an assessment (exam, test, quiz or survey) available to a group of people. Before you begin make sure you have made an assessment (that has at least one question in it) and that you know the name you gave the assessment in Questionmark Authoring Manager.

  1. In the Couse Management section of the course homepage click on ‘Course Tools’ and then ‘Questionmark’
  2. Wait for the course Questionmark page to appear
    • The wait will depend on how many assessments are available (5-10 seconds for a single assessment, up to 60 seconds if you have over 100)
  3. The page that appears contains information on all assessments currently scheduled, via Blackboard, for this course. It may also warn you that you have not synchronised, this message can be safely ignored.
  4. Scroll to the ‘Schedule an Assessment’ section of the Blackboard page
  5. Enter a name for the exam. This will be displayed to the students and does not necessarily need to match the name you gave your assessment
  6. The next two options are for Blackboard Grade Centre. Select a relevant option or pick ‘Do not store results in Grade Centre’
  7. Next pick your assessment
  8. Next decide to whether or not to limit attempts at the assessment and if so how many attempts they are allowed
  9. The ‘Create schedule for each group participant?‘ can be ignored. It will be set automatically dependent on whether you limit attempts
  10. To only allow the exam to be accessed during a certain timeframe tick the ‘Set access period?‘ box and fill in the times and dates.
  11. Press submit

Watch a demonstration of these steps 

Creating a link to the exam list

  1. In your course menu press the + button to make a new menu item
  2. Select ‘Create Tool Link’
  3. Type a name such as ‘Quizzes and Tests’
  4. Choose ‘Questionmark Perception’ for type
  5. Tick the ‘Available to users’ box

Watch a demonstration of these steps 

Checking and testing your exams

  1. Click on your newly created Questionmark Perception tools link (above we called it ‘Quizzes and Tests’)
  2. Wait for the list of assessments to appear (the wait will depend on total number of exams you can view in the Perception system)
  3. As an instructor you will see all possible exams
  4. Click ‘Start the test’ to try out the exam
  5. Check the ‘Start time’ and ‘End time’ columns

Watch a demonstration of these steps