New Features in Blackboard 7.1

Blackboard LogoBlackboard 7.1 introduces a number of new features and enhancements to existing features. All of our existing web pages have been updated for this new version of Blackboard and new pages have been produced that cover the new features.

For the benefit of existing users a list of the new features with links to their documentation is available below.

Important Note

When you use the WYSIWYG editor for the first time your web browser may pause for a short while. You may then be asked about a Java component.

To avoid this issue repeating read this section of the Student FAQ and follow the instructions.

New Features

small people iconInternationalisation

Users may now use Blackboard in a number of languages other than English. Course instructors may force their course to use another language other than English.

Small icon iconAdaptive Release

Adaptive Release allows content items to be made available to students once they fulfil certain criteria.

small icon iconReview Status

Instructors may set a content item to have a “Mark Reviewed” button beside it. Student can then click this button to mark the content as “Reviewed”. This can be used in conjunction with the Adaptive Release feature to make content available to students only after they have marked a previous content item as “Reviewed”.

small icon iconSyllabus Builder

The Syllabus Builder is a simple tool for creating a content item containing your course syllabus.

small icon iconPerformance Dashboard

The Performance Dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of student progress through within your Blackboard course.

small icon iconNew Assessment Question Types

A number of new question types are available for use in tests and surveys. These include calculated formula, jumbled sentence, fill in multiple blanks, likert scale, and hot spot.

small icon icon

New Assessment Deployment Options

When you add a test or survey to your course you can now set the number of attempts allowed and set which particular feedback you wish to give students once they complete the assessment.

small icon iconNew Discussion Board Format

The discussion board contains a new look and some new features. Students can rate each others posts, and threads or entire forums can be graded.

small icon iconQuick / Detail View Course Menu

Your course menu can now be displayed with a “Quick” (Original) or “Detail” View. It is possible to force a particular view of the menu, and customise what Tools are shown.