Blackboard 2014 Upgrade

As previously announced, Blackboard will be unavailable between Saturday 14 June and Sunday 15 June, with Monday 16 June reserved as a contingency day, for a system upgrade.

What you can do to prepare

After we upgrade Blackboard the service will no longer be compatible with the Internet Explorer 8 web browser which is the default web browser on Staff University Desktop Environment (UDE) Windows computers.

In order to continue to use Blackboard with your Staff University Desktop Environment (UDE) Windows computer it will be necessary to install an alternate web browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

This only applies to Staff University Desktop Environment (UDE) Windows computers.

To ensure that you are ready to use Blackboard after June 16 we recommend that you follow the instructions below to install Chrome or Firefox to your UDE computer.

In the long term iSolutions will be upgrading Internet Explorer 8 to a newer version, but no specific timeline has yet been determined.

Student Public Workstations have Internet Explorer 10 which will be compatible with Blackboard after the upgrade.



Following the upgrade to Blackboard it will not be possible to use Internet Explorer 8 with Blackboard but you may continue to use it with other University services. You may find that Chrome or Firefox have rare incompatibilities with other online University services. Firefox has been found to be the most compatible, while Chrome is often the fastest in use. You may find that using multiple browsers depending on which University service you use provides the best results.

If you wish to download Chrome on your privately owned computer, you may follow this link to do so: Likewise if you wish to install Firefox on your privately owned computer, you may follow this link to do so:

A full list of supported web browsers and operating systems will be published on the iSolutions web site after a successful implementation of the upgrade. In the meantime a list is available on the Blackboard web site here: 

Further information

You can find further information about what changes will come to Blackboard when it is upgraded on our team blog here:

Managed Learning Environment Team Blog: Blackboard 2014 Upgrade – First Look

New information is announced on the team twitter account @uos_mle 

Updates will also be sent on the Blackboard-Users mailing list.