Blackboard Grade Centre

Blackboard Grade CentreThe Blackboard Grade Centre provides an area within your Blackboard course to store results data. Student scores from Blackboard tests and surveys are stored in the grade centre automatically. You may also manually add scores and information that are not automatically added by Blackboard.

Viewing Results

small icon iconViewing Test or Survey Results

Blackboard tests and survey results are automatically recorded into the Blackboard Grade Centre. 

small icon iconAssignments in the Grade Centre

The Blackboard Assignment feature makes use of the Grade Centre for downloading submissions and entering marks and feedback.

small icon iconCreating Grade Centre Reports

The Grade Centre provides reporting functionality, allowing you to generate printable reports.

Manual Usage

small icon iconManually entering a Grade

This guide explains how to manually enter a grade.


Current Issues

small icon iconCurrent Issues

This page lists current known issues with the Grade Centre.


Customising the Grade Centre

small icon iconUsing Smart Views

By default the Grade Centre will show all students in your course. Smart Views allow you to customise this so that you can zero in on certain groups of students.

small icon iconSetting Conditional Formatting of Grade Centre Cells

You may set the Grade Centre to automatically apply colour codes to cells based on criteria that you set. This is similar to conditional formatting in Excel. This feature can be useful to quickly identify good or poor scores in a large cohort.

small icon iconOrganising the Grade Centre

You may organise the Grade Centre so that columns are shown in your preferred order. This feature also allows you to quickly change the grading periods and categories of columns within the Grade Centre.

small icon iconChanging from Interactive to Non-interactive View

Usually you will be using the Interactive View of the Grade Centre. However if you have accessibility issues with using the Grade Centre you may wish to change to the Non-interactive View.

small icon iconAdd a Column

If you wish, you may add an extra column to the Grade Centre to record scores that are not usually held within Blackboard.

small icon iconAdd a Calculated Column

If you wish, you may add an extra column to the Grade Centre to that will show the results of a calculation based on scores from existing columns.

small icon iconUsing Grade Centre Categories

It is possible to create categories and assign Grade Centre columns to these for simpler management of the Grade Centre.

small icon iconUsing Marking Periods

The Grade Centre allows you to set up Marking Periods. These are periods of time to which grade columns may be associated. For example Marking Periods could be set up for each semester to differentiate assessments between semesters.

small icon iconUsing Grading Schemas

Grading schemas allow you to associate certain values with numerical scores. For example one course create a pass/fail schema, where any score below 40 is shown as a fail.

Exporting and History

small icon iconExporting the Grade Centre

You may export the Grade Centre to a file which you may open in Microsoft Excel. This will export student details, Grade Centre columns, and scores.

small icon iconGrade History

The Grade Centre keeps a record of whether Grades are changed, and if scores were changed it is possible to view the previous score.