Using the Blackboard Assignment Feature

An instructor writing on a whiteboard with a green penThe Blackboard Assignment Feature is one of the various assignment handling tools available at the University of Southampton.  Other tools not covered in this set of guide are the e-assignment systemTurnItIn UK (also available within Blackboard), and efolio.

The Blackboard Assignment Feature is built into Blackboard and offers assignment hand-in, online marking, delegated marking, and anonymous marking.

This set of guides covers the lifecycle of a Blackboard assignment.

  1. Setting up Rubrics (optional) – A Rubric can be used to mark assignments.
  2. Creating a Blackboard Assignment 
  3. How Students submit to a Blackboard Assignment (a guide for students)
  4. How to download assignments that have been handed in to Blackboard 
  5. How to mark assignments that have been handed into Blackboard 
  6. How to reconcile marks (only applies if delegated marking is in use)
  7. How to mark Blackboard assignments anonymously (anonymous marking must have been set up when creating the assignment)
  8. How students check their marks and feedback for submitted assignments