Accessing your courses on Blackboard

Instructors may access their Banner courses in Blackboard. It is no longer necessary to specifically request that Banner courses be set up manually. Instructor information is sent from Banner to Blackboard every night, automatically adding those who are listed as “Course Instructors” in Banner to the Blackboard equivalent courses as Blackboard instructors.

You can check which courses you are an instructor on by viewing the My Courses box when you log into Blackboard.

A list of Banner courses listed in Blackboard

The My Courses box shows your Blackboard courses with details of the unit code. The academic year for which the course applies is at the beginning of the course title. To understand what the codes in a Blackboard Course ID mean please read Naming conventions for Blackboard courses.

Courses are set to be unavailable at creation. This means that the courses are unavailable to users until you make the course available.

What “Banner” courses are automatically set up on Blackboard?

Each course unit held in Banner has a Blackboard equivalent. Only course units with a subject code and course number are created, e.g. SPRT1003, MANG2005, SOES6039. Any instructor who is listed in Banner as a course instructor for the course unit will automatically be made a Blackboard instructor for the Blackboard version of the course.

Programmes are not created, only units. “Arbitary Courses” may be set up to support other uses of Blackboard. To find out more check the “Arbitrary Course” Application Form.

If the Banner course unit you are teaching does not appear in Blackboard read the note on correcting omissions and errors below

Automatic enrolment of students onto Banner courses

Students are enrolled automatically onto Banner courses. Where enrolment information is available in Banner for a course, it will be carried over once every 24 hours into Blackboard.

If a student should leave a Banner course their record will be disabled within the Blackboard course but they will not be deleted from the Blackboard course. This will mean that although they cannot access the Blackboard course, any discussion board postings, Gradebook entries and other student-related data will be maintained. This may be useful for QA purposes.

So called “Arbitrary” Courses should use self-enrolment.

Adding Colleagues or Students to your course manually

All staff members listed as Course Tutors in Banner should be added automatically to their Blackboard courses. All students who are listed in Banner as registered for a course should be enrolled on the Blackboard equivalent of that course.

It is still possible to manually add users to your Blackboard course. Check our Blackboard user management pages for guidance.

Empty course? Does your course need to be “rolled-over”?

If your course for the new academic year is empty of materials you can use our rollover guide to copy materials over en masse to your new course.

Multiple deliveries of the same Course/Unit

Each course has a Course Reference Number (CRN). The CRN is used to differentiate the delivery of a course by time (e.g. semester, or daytime class and evening class) or space (campus, location). The Course Reference Number is appended to the Blackboard course title. This is useful if your course has several deliveries. You then have a Blackboard course for each delivery of the course. The enrolment information taken from Banner will automatically enrol your students onto the correct delivery of the course. If you wish to use only one of the courses for all students, regardless of the CRN they are associated with then use self-enrolment with one of those courses and ask your students to self-enrol onto that particular course.

Naming conventions for Blackboard courses.

Errors / Omissions


If any instructor records for course units are missing from the list of courses you are teaching please contact the Curriculum and Timetabling Team ( / x23506) and ask that they update Banner with the corrected information. You will need to provide your staff ID number. Once the changes have been actioned in Banner Blackboard will be updated within 24 hours.

Course Titles

Course titles are also taken from Banner, if you find an error in the title of your Blackboard course please ask your faculty administrator to correct the course title in Banner. Any changes will be reflected in Blackboard the following day.