Blackboard 9: Known Issues

Blackboard 9 Known IssuesWith every large upgrade it is possible that a small number of problems or issues will become apparent.  We will summarise issues as they become known to us here and provide solutions or work arounds where possible.

Staff Information (Contacts) Profile Photos look strange

Previously in Blackboard although it recommended that staff profile photos were 150×150 pixels it did not enforce it.  This is now enforced and any photo uploaded for a Staff Profile in Blackboard will be resized to 150×150 pixels.  To avoid the photo looking stretched we would recommend that you crop your photograph to this resolution before uploading it. 


Students can create their own groups without instructor authorisation

With our current version of Blackboard students are by default allowed to create their own Blackboard groups within any course.

You may not want them to do this. 


Duplicated Signatures within Notification emails

This issue is now resolved.


Grey Content areas or Red HTML error messages when viewing content

You may find that content you previously created that contains bad HTML code or was pasted from MS Word and contained malformed HTML produces error messages. 


Strange Menu Items within your course

You may find that a menu item in your course has been renamed with what looks like a strange code.


Using Internet Explorer 6 Blackboard looks very strange

Internet Explorer 6 is not compatible with Blackboard.  If you are using a Windows XP UDE computer you may install Firefox which is an alternative web browser and use that instead.


Links to external web sites do not work in Internet Explorer

In very rare circumstances you may find when using Blackboard with Internet Explorer that when you click on links to external web sites outside of Blackboard the links do not work. 



Text pasted from MS Office products into discussion board posts sometimes causes posts to be invisible in Internet Explorer

If you wish to paste text from another source into a discussion board post, it is best to paste it into Notepad first, and then paste it into the discussion board post. 

An alternative method is to use the Paste from Word button.