Find out about the new Blackboard interface with these videos

Blackboard 9: The Modify Button

logo small bb logoBlackboard 9 uses a Modify button beside any item you can edit or whose behaviour you can change.

Blackboard 9: The Control Panel

Blackboard 9: The Control PanelThe new version of Blackboard streamlines the Control Panel.

Blackboard 9: The New Course Menu

Blackboard 9: The New Course MenuThe Technology Enhanced Learning & Living Group (TELL) have approved the way Blackboard 9 is configured. Part of this configuration is the way that a new course’s course menu is set up. This video describes the new default course menu.

Blackboard 9: Edit Mode

logo small bb logoSimply turn Edit Mode ON and immediately you can add content to the area of the course which you are currently viewing.Watch this three minute video to find out all you need to know about Edit Mode.

Blackboard 9: Using Drag and Drop

Blackboard 9: Using Drag and DropWherever you see the up and down arrow icon you can click on that icon and drag and drop it to a new position, this will move the corresponding content to that place.

Blackboard 9: Using Course Files

Blackboard 9: Using Course FilesThe Course Files area shows the files that you have uploaded to your course and allows you to upload new files in bulk.