Blackboard 9 FAQ

Blackboard 9 FAQWhen any large and heavily used IT service is upgraded or changed it is not unusual for those who use it to have questions and queries. If there are popular topics and questions following the upgrade to Blackboard 9 we will list and answer them here.

We are also keeping track of a list of known issues which may also answer questions you may have.


Q: How do I edit existing material on Blackboard?

A: By using Edit Mode and the Modify button.  To find out about these please take a little time to watch the short videos which will show you these important aspects of the new interface.


Q: How do I rollover my course material?

A: The process is pretty much the same, the only change is finding where course copy is located in the new Control Panel.  

Use the guide here:

You may find that you receive an email stating that the copy was successful before the copy has actually finished taking place on Blackboard.  So if you check the course and the content hasn’t copied, give it another 20 minutes or so and check again.


Q: How do I add a user to my course?

A: The way you add users to a course is slightly different.  Please follow the guide here: