Blackboard 9 Information Centre

Blackboard 9 “Need to Know” Guide

Blackboard 9 "Need to Know" GuideThis single sheet of A4 will provide you with a handy reference to keep by your desk in the first few days of your use of the updated Blackboard system. Within this PDF file you will find a quick reminder about using the new interface and a handy reference to common tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked QuestionsWhen any large and heavily used IT service is upgraded or changed it is not unusual for those who use it to have questions and queries. If there are popular topics and questions following the upgrade to Blackboard 9 we will list and answer them here.

The New Blackboard Interface

The New Blackboard InterfaceBlackboard 9 has an updated interface. It looks more modern, it’s easier to use, and it’s faster to get things done. A series of four short videos has been created to show you the four key aspects of the new interface. Understanding these will allow you to very quickly get up to speed with Blackboard 9.

What’s new in Blackboard 9?

What's new in Blackboard 9?Blackboard 9 provides a number of new features and enhancements. These range from simpler ways of doing simple tasks to complex file management.

Known Issues

Known IssuesWith every large upgrade it is likely that a small number of problems or issues will become apparent. We will summarise issues as they become known to us here and provide solutions or work arounds where possible.